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In case you need it:📱Phones, 💻Laptops and 📺TV:

* Android: The best mobile under 250€, around 500€, or the best Android without price limit.

* iPhone: My personal selection; if your thing is photos this is your model; if you have limited budget this model.

* Laptops: Cheap windows model with 16GB of memory; refurbished MacBook for low budgets; My preferred choice.

* The TV I bought on sale, the robot vacuum cleaner that I recommend.

20 June

My son Mathias has started reading in bed.

He likes books more than the Kindle

Today I bring you the solution I bought for him.

19 June

Have your children broken the screen of your tablet?

Is it too slow?

I bring you the iPad with more than 100€ discount.

18 June

Tomorrow several families with children are coming to spend the day at home.

I'm late...

I'm too late to buy this mini pizza oven that would have delighted the children.

Here it is

17 June

There is an object that is fundamental to the health of your body. Even more important than the ergonomic chair.

It is an item where you should have no qualms about spending money, yet I bring you a good deal.

Here it is

16 June

If you are not going to wait for the Samsung smart ring, and the Oura one is out of your budget, I leave you this option for any pocket.

15 June

If you have cans in the fridge (soda or beer), it is impossible that they do not leak and you have problems to have them well ordered.

I bring you the definitive solution for 13€.

14 June

Here's a cool way to store your tablet or notebook.

You'll be the envy of the office at meetings, I promise.

Here it is

13 June

I've been traveling by plane for two months now and what I've realized is that a pack of small bottles for bathroom products is a must.

12 June

It's not all MacBooks... Samsung also makes powerful and beautiful laptops.

I bring you the Galaxy Book3 Pro with a, watch out, 42% discount.

11 June

I bring you the paddle training kit.

So you can improve your strokes without partners.

You have it here.

10 June

Did you have a time in your childhood when you hated laces and loved Velcro?

Or do you think, "Lots of AI but we still have to tie our shoes?

I bring you the solution for little ones, older people or what the heck, anyone who wants comfort.

9 June

What is it with us people and hammocks? It transports you to vacation, to freedom, to your favorite resting place.

I bring you one for your home.

8 June

There are two types of kids:

Those who wear pajamas and those who wear sport shirts to sleep.

For the former, or in case you want to try to convert the latter I bring you a summer version.

7 June

I bring you a cell phone case for photography lovers. A good complement for your photos.

I also tell you, it is not cheap.

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